В США детективные телесериалы следили за зрителями.

Снимки меня с четырьмя красотками вырваны из контекста
Кто мог подумать, что политика так возбуждает!

Who knew politics was so arousing!
“Politics & sex” contest. Results.
The daily satire online magazine “Beseder?” declared a “Politics & sex” international cartoon contest.

We waited a long time for this contest, but the results exceeded all expectations. Over 200 entries have been sent in by artists from Russia, Ukraine, China, USA, Poland, Serbia, Denmark, Greece, Morocco, Italy, Turky, Argentina – almost 40 countries in all.
It seems the only thing of which there’s no shortage anywhere in the world, is cartoons. Not all works followed the contest rules, but the artistic level of those which did, was outstanding.
Contest judges - people of certain renown and some very tight schedules – who’ve agreed to this public service, seemed to be having second thoughts under the flood of submissions, but managed to keep a stiff upper lip. The famous cartoonists Andrey Biljo, Victor Bogorad, Michael Zlatkovsky, Sergey Tunin, writer and publisher Victor Shenderovich, known sexologist prof. Lev Sheglov, scrupulously went over scores of entries and provided feedback.

With such a “galactic” commission, as one contender chose to put it, the task of finding overlapping orbits seemed a daunting one. One entry, under consideration for 1st place, proved to be particularly controversial: three out of the 7 judges were adamant in their support, three others just as adamant in opposition.

The first prize of 1000$ went to a resident of Saint Petersburg, Alexander Zudin, the second of 700$ to Slavomir Makal from Poland, while the third of 500$ was divided between three artists: Russians Vadim Misiuk and Andrey Popov, and Israeli Sergey Sychenko.
18 other artists have been awarded honorary diplomas. Both the list of awardees and their entries can be found here: http://beseder.ru/konkurs/image/102.

Honorary diplomas

Adolf Skotarenko (Russia)
Alexander Anufriev (Russia)
Boris Erenburg (Israel)
Ctisto Komarnitski (Bulgaria)
Doru Axinte (Romania)
Evgeny Fine (Israel)
Fang Chen (USA)
Goran Celicanin (Serbia)
Igor Ponochevny (Russia)
Ilya Katz (Israel)
Jordan Pop-Iliev (Macedonia)
Makhmudjon Eshonkulov (Uzbekistan)
Maxim Smagin (Russia)
Mileta Miloradovic (Serbia)
Nedeljko Ubovic (Serbia)
Roberto Castillo Rodriguez (Cuba)
Vasiliy Vozniuk (Ukraine)
Willem Rasing (Holland)

Special prize of the
Cartunion, International Cartoonists' Club
Tošo Borković (Serbia)
Стена все стерпит
Гоп-стоп, у нас посадки не проси